Blacklight Retribution Enters Open Beta

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Perfect World Entertainment brings gamers one step closer to the future of war. With Blacklight Retribution's Open Beta, competitive shooter fans can finally experience next-generation visuals, polish and gameplay in a tightly presented free-to-play package.

The Blacklight Retribution Open Beta features all-new content:

•     New Multiplayer Maps 
Three new maps will be released throughout the Open Beta period, beginning today with Vortex. Live and die fighting in a sprawling missile silo complex with cover heavy terrain and flooded walkways that create intense firefights around every corner.

•    Playable Hero Characters
Get a unique look and a defined role by utilizing carefully crafted Heroes pre-built for battle.

•    Data Nodes
Pump up abilities and go next level with new socketing and crafting systems.

Perfect World Entertainment is also hosting numerous events to celebrate the Blacklight Retribution Open Beta launch, including leveling and video contests, as well as raffle giveaways where gamers can win a variety of cool prizes.

For more information about these events or to play Blacklight Retribution please visit the official site.

Blacklight: Retribution - Vortex Trailer


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