'Advanced Battle Testing' for MMO action game Crossout has begun

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crossout logoBeginning January 28 and running through February 7, Gaijin Entertainment will issue more invites to players who registered for the first Beta testing of free-to-play, vehicular action game Crossout. Hurry, there is still time to register and join 'Advanced Battle Testing'.

Phantomers Closed Beta kicks off in Russia tomorrow

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fear online logoDream Execution is slowly expanding territories for its new, free-to-play FPS Phantomers and prepares together with Syncopate, a leading game publisher in Russia, the next Closed Beta. Russian gamers will be able to join the first tests, which will start 28th and lasts until 31st of January. Check out the latest trailer:

'Hounds: The Last Hope' Steam release: A bad joke?

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hounds 1logoThe Third Person Shooter-RPG-mix Hounds: The Last Hope is announced to be released on Steam. What irritates us: the publisher calls it a "New Online PC Game" and a "global release" and they add a hefty price-tag for DLC for a game that is still free-to-play in some regions.

Anime shooter Cosmic League to enter Closed Beta in Europe

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cosmic league logoAnime fans: the successor to Cosmic Break will be coming to Europe. Titled as Cosmic League, the anime Third Person Shooter (TPS) will head into Closed Beta at the end of Q1 2016. Players based in Europe can already sign up for the first test.

Tactical, military FPS 'World War 3' announced

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thefarm logoA new tactical, military shooter is in the pipeline. Poland-based studio The Farm 51 officially announced 'World War 3', an FPS to be created with Unreal Engine 4 and set in a fictional scenario of a global, military conflict. World War 3 will be based on a free-to-play revenue model. 

Starbreeze teams up with Smilegate to create co-op FPS game based on Crossfire franchise

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Cross FireStarbreeze, creator and publisher of PAYDAY 2 and OVERKILL's The Walking Dead, has teamed up with Smilegate to develop an all-new co-op FPS based on the Crossfire franchise. This deal also includes that Starbreeze' games will be published in Asia on Smilegate's platform. League: Top World of Tanks eSports teams to battle over $300,000 prize pool

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wot logoThis year's League 2016 Grand Finals for World of Tanks will be taking place on April 8-9 in Warsaw, Poland. Twelve top eSports teams will gather and compete over the $300,000 prize pool.

Visual Camouflage System now available for tactical tank shooter Armored Warfare

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armored warfare logoThe community of free-to-play tactical tank shooter Armored Warfare can check out the long awaited camouflage system and play with more customization options. Each vehicle can have three camouflage or paint configurations for different environment types. 

This Weekend: The A.V.A. World Championships Grand Finale & new game mode

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The world's twelve best teams of f2p FPS Alliance Of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) will go head-to-head this weekend during the final round of the popular first-person shooter's World Championships in Japan. Also, with "Hide & Seek" a new challenging game mode has been introduced.

War Rock adds intense new elimination game mode and plenty of X-mas content

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warrock logoNexon Europe provides additional challenge ahead of Christmas for their community of f2p FPS WarRock and extends the content with a white-knuckle new elimination game mode, an atmospheric map, new characters and a snow-load of Christmas content.

Early Access program for First Assault begins next week

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firefall logo2Nexon and Neople invite you to help testing the upcoming f2p FPS Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online (First Assault). The testing will begin Monday, Dec. 14 on Steam and the Nexon Launcher.

Free-to-play, multiplayer online version of Devil's Third will debut in Thailand first

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devils third online logoInitially developed by Japan-based Valhalla Game Studios for the Wii U, the action shooter Devil's Third will be debuting as free-to-play, multiplayer-only, online version for PC in Thailand later this year. 

Explosive action, UE 4-powered visuals: Paragon TPS MOBA from Epic Games revealed

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paragon logoA new MOBA is on the horizon. Epic Games released two trailers for their next upcoming project: Paragon is a 5-vs-5 sci-fi MOBA with a card deck system. It is also about deep strategy, skill-based, explosive TPS action and visuals that demonstrate the capabilities of their Unreal Engine 4. Watch the trailers best in 4k: 

Largest update for Warframe brings cinematic quest, new content and reveals a secret

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warframe logoSpace Ninjas can enjoy the largest update yet for free-to-play sci-fi-shooter  Warframe: The Second Dream introduces a cinematic-driven quest "that will ultimately answer the question for many players - better known as Tenno - have been asking for nearly three years: What is a Warframe?".

Chinese publisher invests whopping US$ 500 mio for Cross Fire 2 license

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Cross FireCrossFire is China's most played FPS game and a billion dollar cashcow. While Korea-based studio Smilegate Entertainment is working on its sequel since 2013, today's news is: Chinese publisher The9 announced that its joint venture Oriental Shiny Star Ltd. striked a deal with Smilegate and got the license to publish Cross Fire 2 in China for a whopping fee of US$ 500 million.  

MMO Shooter Escape from Tarkov impresses with first gameplay trailer

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Russian studio Battlestate Games released the first gameplay trailer for upcoming shooter-survival MMO "Escape from Tarkov". The footage has been captured with the pre-alpha version but impresses with fluid gunplay action and high-quality graphics. Check it out: