LawBreakers won't be free-to-play, Boss Key Productions announces exclusive launch on Steam

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lawbreakers logo2The upcoming arena shooter LawBreakers won't be free-to-play, as Cliff Bleszinski and his team at Boss Key Productions announced their plan to launch it as premium title exclusively on Steam. “As the game continued to take shape, we realized free-to-play wasn’t the right fit for what we’re building,” said Bleszinski.

War Thunder ‘Battle March’ update extends vehicles and maps line up

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war thunder logoA rather huge content update has been deployed for MMO combat game War Thunder with the patch 'Battle March' 1.57 release. This includes two new maps, no less than 20 new aircraft and ground vehicles.

World of Tanks update 9.14 delivers upgraded physics and better sound

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wot logo"Taking the player experience up a notch", tank shooter World of Tanks got the latest update, 0.14, which introduces better sound and improved physics, which allows players to handle their vehicles more realistically.

Overwatch release date announced, play it for free May 5-9 during open beta

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Survarium MMOFPSFor those who have been waiting: Blizzard Entertainment's upcoming, team-based shooter Overwatch got a release date. It will arrive in stores on Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting May 24. Folks who have pre-ordered can check it out May 3-4 and the game will be free for all in the Open Beta period May 5-9.

Horror FPS Inner Chains seeks your support on Kickstarter

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inner chains logoTelepath's Tree, a Poland-based indie studio, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for Inner Chains, an upcoming horror FPS, which is already advanced in the development phase. Check it out:

New PvP, PvE content and replay system will come with next update for Armored Warfare

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armored warfare logoA major update for free-to-play tank shooter Armored Warfare is due later this month. Update 0.14 will allow players to replay, review and relive their past matches. Nothing less than three new PvE missions and one new PvP map are in the pipeline too.   

WWII MMOFPS Heroes & Generals adds the powerful Panther tank

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handg logo7 million registered players and counting. WWII-themed MMOFPS Heroes & Generals adds new content for its growing community. Coming with the 'Bauer - Panther' update, the German Panther tank and other war machinery are now available: 

Giant update with tons of new content launched for Defiance

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defiance logoBrand-new zone, questline, missions, enemies and more has been added for Trion World's free-to-play online shooter Defiance. The update basically extends the storyline of the same-titled TV series with the launch of 'Dark Metamorphosis'.

Survarium's biggest update 0.40 is now live

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fear online logoFree-to-play FPS Survarium received a new update, the biggest one to this date. Although there is no new content coming with patch 0.40, Vostok Games has worked on tons of game improvements which address gameplay, weapons and equipment and much more. Check it out:

Moving Hazard, a first-person zombie shooter with a twist, debuts as Steam Early Access

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moving hazard logoMoving Hazard is a team-based, competitive FPS, created by Psyop Games and IllFonic and set for relase on March 10th through Steam's Early Access program with a price-tag of $19.99 USD. It's about shooting hordes of zombies, but this title comes with a twist.

Tom Clancy's The Division celebrates 6.4 mio Beta players

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the division logoTom Clancy's The Division broke the record with 6.4 million players in the Beta which took place February 19-21 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. According to Ubisoft this was the "biggest beta ever for a new IP on current generation platforms". That is a nice start for the action shooter-RPG which is set for release on March 8th.

DOOM is back, available worldwide May 13, 2016

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doom logoI remember the thrill and excitement while playing DOOM in 1993. Yes, I am that old. Now, the all-new DOOM got a release date: Bethesda announced that the FPS is set for a worldwide release on Friday the 13th, May 2016. Shoot'em and stomp on them, the evil creatures from the DOOM universe are back.

CCP Games shuts down DUST 514, shifts resources to Project Legion

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dust logoCCP made a final cut and announced that the f2p MMOFPS DUST 514 will be shutting down on May 30th, 2016. The creators of the EVE Online universe decided to use all resources of their CCP's Shanghai office to work on the all-new FPS, which had tentatively been code-named Project Legion

Nosgoth adds with Beastmasters a new, powerful human character class

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fear online logoThe free-to-play action game Nosgoth adds a new human character class known as the Beastmasters. Those are ruthless fighters who use powerful firearms and primal magic in the hunt for Vampires. 

Download Fractured Space on Steam for free this weekend - and keep it forever

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fear online logoEdge Case Games invites you to download the tactical space MOBA Fractured Space for free on Steam this weekend. And you can keep it forever with no additional costs required. Immerse yourself into outer space and control your gigantic ship.

Aeria Games unplugs servers for Soldier Front tomorrow

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Dragonfly is phasing out its f2p FPS Special Force, also known as Soldier Front. Aeria Games, the publisher of the shooter for the Western world, will terminate services and shut down servers tomorrow, on January 29th.