Play zombie shooter Moving Hazard for free - at least for a limited time

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moving hazard logoMoving Hazard, a team-based, competitive zombie shooter with a twist, is now available as free download on Steam. Psyop Games and IllFonic have launched a special trial version which allows players to get a free taste of weaponizing the undead vs. friends - for a limited time. 

'Rogue en Vogue' update extends Merc roster and kicks off five week in-game event for Dirty Bomb

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Dirty Bomb - LogoDirty Bomb got just its 'biggest update of the year so far' with 'Rogue en Vogue', deploying new Merc Aimee, and a player-driven in-game event with lots of Loadout Cards and more for a period of five weeks. 

MechWarrior Online World Championship 2016 with $100k prize-pool: regional sign ups now open

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Piranha Games invites its community to sign up for the qualifying rounds of MechWarrior Online's global eSports event: the MechWarrior Online World Championship 2016. $100,000 USD are up for grabs, the final tournament will be held at the first "Mech Con 2016" in Vancouver. 

Vehicle combat MMO Crossout enters Closed Beta, adds new PvE game mode

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crossout logoVehicular combat MMO game Crossout has entered Closed Beta as Early Access. Developer Gaijin Entertainment also added player-created, AI-controlled metal monsters called the "Leviathans" which are serious business to deal with in new PvE modes.

Playspot to launch Open Beta for Turkish FPS Zula in Brazil

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zula logoBrazil-based publisher Playspot invites its community to participate in the forthcoming Open Beta test for Zula. The free-to-play FPS has been developed by MadByte Games and was the first game created by a Turkish studio to be listed on our site. 

Sudden Attack 2 announces dates for Closed Beta testing in Korea

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sudden attack2 logoFinal Closed Beta test before Open Beta kicks off? Or more Betas to come? No one knows, but Nexon GT is not in any hurry. The developer announced the dates for a Closed Beta test for the FPS Sudden Attack 2 which is slated for April 14, almost two years after the first Closed Alpha.

Line of Sight kicks off Open Beta Test in Brazil

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ca los logoLevel Up! Interactive opened the gates for Line of Sight. The free-to-play, military FPS is now in Open Beta and gamers in Brazil can download and test what is meant to be the 'spiritual' successor to Combat Arms. 

LawBreakers won't be free-to-play, Boss Key Productions announces exclusive launch on Steam

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lawbreakers logo2The upcoming arena shooter LawBreakers won't be free-to-play, as Cliff Bleszinski and his team at Boss Key Productions announced their plan to launch it as premium title exclusively on Steam. “As the game continued to take shape, we realized free-to-play wasn’t the right fit for what we’re building,” said Bleszinski.

War Thunder ‘Battle March’ update extends vehicles and maps line up

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war thunder logoA rather huge content update has been deployed for MMO combat game War Thunder with the patch 'Battle March' 1.57 release. This includes two new maps, no less than 20 new aircraft and ground vehicles.

World of Tanks update 9.14 delivers upgraded physics and better sound

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wot logo"Taking the player experience up a notch", tank shooter World of Tanks got the latest update, 0.14, which introduces better sound and improved physics, which allows players to handle their vehicles more realistically.

Overwatch release date announced, play it for free May 5-9 during open beta

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Survarium MMOFPSFor those who have been waiting: Blizzard Entertainment's upcoming, team-based shooter Overwatch got a release date. It will arrive in stores on Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting May 24. Folks who have pre-ordered can check it out May 3-4 and the game will be free for all in the Open Beta period May 5-9.

Horror FPS Inner Chains seeks your support on Kickstarter

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inner chains logoTelepath's Tree, a Poland-based indie studio, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for Inner Chains, an upcoming horror FPS, which is already advanced in the development phase. Check it out:

New PvP, PvE content and replay system will come with next update for Armored Warfare

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armored warfare logoA major update for free-to-play tank shooter Armored Warfare is due later this month. Update 0.14 will allow players to replay, review and relive their past matches. Nothing less than three new PvE missions and one new PvP map are in the pipeline too.   

WWII MMOFPS Heroes & Generals adds the powerful Panther tank

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handg logo7 million registered players and counting. WWII-themed MMOFPS Heroes & Generals adds new content for its growing community. Coming with the 'Bauer - Panther' update, the German Panther tank and other war machinery are now available: 

Giant update with tons of new content launched for Defiance

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defiance logoBrand-new zone, questline, missions, enemies and more has been added for Trion World's free-to-play online shooter Defiance. The update basically extends the storyline of the same-titled TV series with the launch of 'Dark Metamorphosis'.