Warframe adds soon more competitiveness, new PvP mode Lunaro is coming

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warframe logoDigital Extremes announced a new PvP mode for its popular shooter Warframe: with upcoming "Lunaro" space ninjas need all their skill, teamwork and creativity for victory and honor. 

Blackspot plans to launch free-to-play FPS Line of Sight on Steam this September

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los logo2Blackspot Entertainment explained in a Facebook posting that the launch of free-to-play military shooter Line of Sight on Steam might be delayed. The Korean developer is confident that they will bring it out later in September at the latest.

Escape from Tarkov Closed Alpha test announced

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A select group of gamers have the chance to get their first hands-on experience on the upcoming shooter-survival-MMO Escape from Tarkov. Russian studio Battlestate Games invites you to sign up for the first Closed Alpha testing, which is set to start on August 4. 

Overwatch is the second most played game in Korea, secures no. 1 position in the UK

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Survarium MMOFPSOh that is good news for Blizzard Enterainment. Overwatch shot straight in at no.1 in the UK, right after the launch on May 24th. But more interestingly, the shooter secured the no. 2 spot on the overall top ranking of all played PC games in Korea, a country where free-to-play is the only business model for gaming.

Wiple Games to kick off Closed Beta test for military FPS Iron Sight

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fear online logoMilitary-themed FPS Iron Sight heads into Closed Beta this month. Together with publisher Neowiz Games, Wiple Games will conduct the first Closed Beta test for Korean gamers beginning on June 14.

Anubis is latest epic co-op mission for Warface

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warfaceCrytek released a new co-op mission for free-to-play shooter Warface. Named of the Egyptian god of death himself, Anubis is 'an epic three stage, action-packed co-op mission set in Eastern Africa, where players must battle hard, smart, and as a team'. Check out the teaser trailer:

Full details on upcoming vehicles in Armored Warfare revealed

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armored warfare logoFree-to-play tank shooter Armored Warfare will see a major extension of its fleet, as revealed with a first glimpse of the first Tier 10 vehicles which will be added with the next content update 0.15 on May 3rd. 

Tactical space combat game Dreadnought Closed Beta starts April 29

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fear online logoAerial armada action, massive spaceships, in-depth customization systems, competitive gameplay: all this you can experience if you are selected for the forthcoming Closed Beta of Dreadnought. The game is set to enter Beta testing on April 29th, you get guaranteed access if you purchase one of the Founder's Pack offered by Grey Box. 

For the Emperor! Battlefleet Gothic: Armada launch trailer unveiled

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battlefleet gothic logoFor the Emperor! Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, a UE4-powered space RTS (Real Time Strategy) game and set in the Warhammer 40k universe disembarks tomorrow on PC. Watch this launch trailer:

Nexon releases new Silent Square map for Combat Arms

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combatarmsNexon's FPS Combat Arms invites players to take on an international mission in new map Silent Square and celebrates the latest update with "Around the World in CA!" events that might grant you access to some useful in-game items.

OGPlanet shuts down Metro Conflict

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mc logobOGPlanet simply has no luck with f2p shooter games made in Korea. The most recent addition Metro Conflict faces termination, as OGPlanet will shut down servers on April 25th, 2016. The FPS might be coming back on Steam "with another publisher", as developer Red Duck hopes.

Panzerfest, free tanks, giveaways and content updates - tank shooter Armored Warfare gains momentum

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armored warfare logoPanzerfest, a giveaway event, and quite a lot of recent content updates keep aspring tank commanders busy in free-to-play tactical shooter Armored Warfare. Especially new players can enjoy a lot of free stuff during Panzerfest.