Nexon merges Combat Arms Europe and North America

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combatarmsFrom June 30th onwards European and North American communities of free-to-play FPS Combat Arms will be merged. With the merged service Nexon Europe hopes to provide "more competition, more matchups and more intensity".

Space combat game Fractured Space makes impressive progress, launches new ships and crew

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fear online logoEdge Case Games makes impressive progress in terms of graphics, content, features and player base over the last six months, since the launch of tactical space combat game Fractured Space as Early Access on Steam. Nearly 200,000 players have registered and the developer celebrates this milestone by launching two new ships and 11 new crew members.

Special Force 2 now available to Steam (Europe) users, also Thai version soon in public Beta testing

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sf2 smalllogoFree-to-play FPS Special Force 2 is now available for play via Steam under its European title S.K.I.L.L. - Special Force 2. Gameforge offers two one-week bundle specials with a 30% discount. But the shooter also extends to another territory, as Thai gamers are soon able to test the Beta version from May 21st onwards. 


The Beta is near - sign up for Metro Conflict!

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mc logobOkay, this is not really news, but the free-to-play sci-fi FPS Metro Conflict has been on our radar for years - and it finally approaches beta launch this summer. And hey, be the first and participate in the beta - you will get a 24 karat pixel-plated gold knife skin, delivered once Metro Conflict hits commercial release.

Celebrating 5 million players, WWII shooter Heroes & Generals gains momentum

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handg logoHeroes & Generals has surpassed the 5 million registered players mark and Reto-Moto Producer Kenneth Andersen said that the developer celebrates this milestone as having reached "the same amount of players as there were people living in Denmark" where he grew up. 

Warframe's latest update - Tubemen of Regor - delivers new modes, weapons and more

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warframe logoA wealth of new gameplay, game modes, weapons, customizations and more comes with Tubemen of Regor, the latest major update (16.5) for free-to-play action shooter Warframe.

Check out the Grand Finals 2015 video of the top 10 moments

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wot logo15,000 fans flooded the EXPO Arena in Warsaw, Poland, to witness's Grand Finals 2015 at which World of Tanks teams from around the globe competed. Check out the top 10 moments captured and compiled in this video:

Kreon strikes deal, will launch Black Squad in Indonesia, but might lose Point Blank

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Survarium MMOFPSIt is official by now. The free-to-play military shooter Black Squad will be operated by PT. Kreon in Indonesia, as they teamed up with developer NS Studio to prep the launch for the FPS later this year. 

2nd Closed Beta Test date for Combat Arms: Line of Sight is set

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ca los logoRound two for the upcoming free-to-play FPS Combat Arms: Line of Sight kicks off: The second Closed Beta is scheduled to begin on May 28th and will run for 7 days, but the access will be limited to 6,000 players only.

Play Arma 3 for free

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arma 3 logoSteam users can play the tactical military FPS Arma 3 for free - at least througout the weekend from May 7th until May 10th. Bohemia Interactive announced the Arma 3 Free Weekend on Steam together with massive discounts on their other titles, such as Arma 2 and Arma Tactics.

Armored Warfare Early Access launch date announced

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armored warfare logoObsidian Entertainment and publisher announced that the Early Access for the tactical tank shooter Armored Warfare will begin on May 27th. Those who want to be among the first players can now purchase one of the Founder's packs which guarantees the first access.

A major update adds a Marriage System in 'Mission Against Terror'

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mc logobYou read it right. Among other changes and improvements, Suba Games adds a Marriage System and Chatroom in their long-running FPS Mission Against Terror (MAT), in an effort to strengthen the social aspects of the game, which claims to have about 40% female players.

New challenges come with "Operation Endless Skies" in Warface

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warfaceAfter the winter setting of Operation Cold Peak, the most recent update for free-to-play shooter Warface takes players to Africa, where they face the enemy in five new co-op maps, that are visually inspired by the landscapes of the African continent. "Operation Endless Skies" is the most expansive Warface co-op setting to date.

Is the latest update for Survarium a game-changer?

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fear online logoFree-to-play FPS Survarium got a recent update, version 0.28a, which can be described as massive, as it changes a lot of elements in every aspect. Not only the faction's structure has been drastically modified, additions and changes have impact to Survarium's gameplay... to a notable degree and for the sake of a balanced Beta version.

Immerse yourself in your Star Wars battle fantasies, Watch the new Star Wars Battlefront trailer now

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star wars battlefront logoHell ya, I am a Star Wars fanboy since I got out of diapers. DICE teases the release for Star Wars Battlefront, which will be available on the shelves November 17th, with this trailer full of photorealistic visuals and epic action. Check it out:

Combat Arms Clan Tournament glory plus new map brings the fight to London’s Tower Bridge

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combatarmsNexon Europe will host a Clan Tournament for Combat Arms later this month and adds new content and systems update. A new map is based on London's Tower Bridge and a Guide System will be implemented, giving advice to players of all experience levels.