Nexon partners up with Electronic Arts to bring PC Online FPS Titanfall to Asia

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titanfall logoNexon Korea has entered into a game development and publishing agreement with Electronic Arts to bring the FPS Titanfall to Asia. Although this is not mentioned in the official press release, no doubt - Titanfall will be free-to-play.

ESL presents FPS eSports at gamescom 2015

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esl logoIf you plan to attend gamescom 2015 in Germany, don't miss out the FPS that are hosted by ESL. Among the featured games in the ESL arena you find Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Battlefield 4, Halo 5: Guardians and S.K.I.L.L. Special Force 2.

First official gameplay trailer for upcoming military shooter Iron Sight released

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fear online logoFree-to-play, military FPS Iron Sight teases its forthcoming launch with the first official gameplay trailer and it doesn't look bad at all. Check it out:

Kreon celebrates spectacular launch of Black Squad in Indonesia

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Survarium MMOFPSThe free-to-play military shooter Black Squad has seen a great start in Indonesia. Kreon celebrates a whopping amount of 500,000 new users that registered for the game in just 10 days after the official launch on June 19th.  

Point Blank Indonesia reopens June 30, client is ready for download

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point blank logoGarena has set a date for the relaunch of FPS Point Blank in Indonesia: servers will be opened up on June 30th, gamers can already download the client at the official site. The transfer from Gemscool is completed and preparations are completed at 95%, as Garena stated. 

Survarium's latest update comes with dedicated servers for North America

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fear online logoVostok Games released the latest update for free-to-play FPS Survarium: version 0.29 is now live along with servers for players based in North America. The update includes London as a new location and many other improvements:  

Transfer of Point Blank Indonesia to Garena officially confirmed

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point blank logoFree-to-play FPS Point Blank enjoys huge popularity in Indonesia. The shooter had been operated by Gemscool and will be transferred to the new publisher Garena, as official sources confirmed:

OGPlanet to roll out Open Beta Test for Metro Conflict on June 22nd

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mc logobFree-to-play sci-fi FPS Metro Conflict is ready for launch! Faster than expected, OGPlanet promises us "the summer's hottest beta". The shooter will open its servers on June 22nd, 4PM Pacific Time and will be fully released even on June 29th, if there are no critical issues found during testing.

Open Beta kicks off, Splash Damage invites you to play Dirty Bomb

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Dirty Bomb - LogoSplash Damage rolled out Open Beta for team-based shooteDirty Bomb and made it available exclusively on Steam to players in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. The developer celebrates this "huge achievement" and claims that Dirty Bomb is "free-to-win". Check out the latest trailer:

Russian version of Peta City, aka Genesis AD, Repulse, launched on Steam

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phyrok logoIt seems that this game is not meant to die. Formerly known as Genesis AD and later Repulse, a Russian version operated by publisher NIKITA ONLINE made it to a launch on Steam under the title Run and Fire.

Nexon merges Combat Arms Europe and North America

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combatarmsFrom June 30th onwards European and North American communities of free-to-play FPS Combat Arms will be merged. With the merged service Nexon Europe hopes to provide "more competition, more matchups and more intensity".

Space combat game Fractured Space makes impressive progress, launches new ships and crew

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fear online logoEdge Case Games makes impressive progress in terms of graphics, content, features and player base over the last six months, since the launch of tactical space combat game Fractured Space as Early Access on Steam. Nearly 200,000 players have registered and the developer celebrates this milestone by launching two new ships and 11 new crew members.

Special Force 2 now available to Steam (Europe) users, also Thai version soon in public Beta testing

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sf2 smalllogoFree-to-play FPS Special Force 2 is now available for play via Steam under its European title S.K.I.L.L. - Special Force 2. Gameforge offers two one-week bundle specials with a 30% discount. But the shooter also extends to another territory, as Thai gamers are soon able to test the Beta version from May 21st onwards.