Winners of the Piercing Blow National Championship (PBNC) get ticket for the finals in Indonesia

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pb logo3Zepetto, developer of the f2p FPS Piercing Blow, announced that the annual Piercing Blow National Championship (PBNC) will be held in Los Angeles on September 5th. In this eSports event, four teams will compete for the championship and the winning team gets the ticket to advance to the international tournament, PBIC 2015, which is going to take place in Indonesia.

LawBreakers gameplay trailer reveals fast-paced, dog-fight-like arena shooter action

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lawbreakers logo2The first official gameplay trailer for upcoming arena shooter LawBreakers reveals fast-paced and dog-fight-like combat action. The trailer also introduces four class-based characters and more distinctive gameplay features. Check it out:

Metro Conflict gets important update and dedicated EU servers

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mc logobTwo months after launch the free-to-play sci-fi FPS Metro Conflict received a update that improves balancing, UI menu interface and also adds some more content. Players based in Europe can experience the shooter with less latency on dedicated servers. 

Boss Key Productions reveals LawBreakers, an upcoming 'Earth-Shattering' FPS

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lawbreakers logo2Boss Key Productions, the team around Cliff Bleszinski, announced the official title for their shooter game which was tentatively titled 'Project BlueStreak'. LawBreakers was revealed with a live-action trailer and more game art. The first official gameplay trailer will be released tomorrow, August 28th.

Are you the Last Man Standing in the latest survival mode of A.V.A?

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The North American version of f2p FPS Alliance Of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) invites you to test your skills on a challenging all-new survival mode. In 'LASTMAN Standing' players compete and coorporate with up to 32 players per match. But only one will remain alive.

Gaijin Entertainment reveals more details about upcoming MMO action game Crossout

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crossout logoCrossout is a new team-based vehicle combat game, developed by Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, players build their own unique vehicle and engage in fast-paced combat in Third Person perspective. Crossout's main feature are the endless customization options, "no two vehicles in Crossout are the same". Checkout the gameplay trailer:

Aeria Games shuts down Soldier Front 2 in North America

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Soldier Front_2_Logo2This sad announcement was made on August 4th, Aeria Games decided to shut down the free-to-play FPS Soldier Front 2 in North America (known also as Special Force 2 in other regions). The servers will go offline on September 4th, 2015. R.I.P. Soldier Front 2...

Latest update for Dirty Bomb adds with Redeye a cool new Merc

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Dirty Bomb - LogoTeam-based shooter Dirty Bomb extends its roster of Mercs: with Redeye comes a mid to long-range specialist with extra abilities, a perfect foil to the invisible Phantom. The latest patch also includes some minor bug fixes.

Fear nothing: Enroll for the upcoming Closed Beta of space combat game Dreadnought

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fear online logo"Become a captain, command epic ships, and lead your team to victory". Grey Box, Six Foot and developer YAGER invite you to join the armada in the upcoming Closed Beta testing for free-to-play, aerial combat game Dreadnought. 

Crossfire Stars (CFS) 2015 Grand Finals schedule announced

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Cross FireCrossFire is a free-to-play FPS that boasts an active community even in its eighth year since it was first launched in Korea. Its biggest eSports event, Crossfire Stars (CFS) 2015, will end with the Grand Finals on December 4th to 6th. 11 qualifiers from around the globe will gather in Guangzhou, China, to compete for the prize pool of $220,000 USD.     

Hi-Rez Studios unveils MOBA Shooter Paladins at Gamescom

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paladins logoFrom the makers of action MOBA SMITE and FPS Tribes: Ascend comes a new team-based shooter. Hi-Rez Studios announced Paladins, a fantasy action game combining MOBA elements with team-based FPS gameplay. Paladins offers deep strategy and in-match character progression through decks of collectible cards.

Alliance of Valiant Arms is back in Southeast Asia, Closed Beta starts August 4th

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Alliance Of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) is back in Southeast Asia, as publisher Garena is ready to kick off the first official Closed Beta testing tomorrow, on August 4th. Garena's publishing rights cover Singapore and Malaysia, but as it seems the servers won't block gamers based in other countries of the Southeast Asian region.

New content arrived in Warframe with the Echoes of the Sentient update

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warframe logoFree-to-play action shooter Warframe offers plenty of new stuff to be checked out. New gameplay, environments and customization arrived with the most recent Echoes of the Sentient update.

Point Blank 2015 International Championship announced

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point blank logoThe Point Blank 2015th International Championship (PBIC 2015) with the largest ever prize pot for the free-to-play FPS Point Blank, aka Piercing Blow and formerly Project Blackout has been announced. The tournament will begin on October 10th and will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

ESL Partners with to Provide Exclusive POV Coverage of Intel Extreme Masters

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esl today announced a strategic partnership with the Electronic Sports League (ESL), to offer gamers exclusive video from upcoming Intel Extreme Masters events. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be covered and viewers will be able to see entire matches from the players' perspectives, easily viewed and embeddable from on any social sharing platform.

Heroes & Generals celebrates 1 year Steam anniversary with Gold Gift

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handg logoHeroes & Generals reached another milestone. Reto-Moto celebrates their 1 year anniversary on Steam and a grown community of 5.5 million players. A lot of items, features and content had been added throughout the past year and the developer wants to thank the community with a voucher that grants you free 200 Gold.