Card-trading shooter game Amazing Eternals to kick off Closed Beta, gameplay revealed

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Survarium MMOFPSTentatively titled as 'Keystone', Digital Extremes next free-to-play game is set to kick off its first Closed Beta Testing. The Amazing Eternals is the final title and it adds a strategic element to the competitive FPS gameplay.

Maximum Games rolls out free zombie MOBA shooter Dead Alliance Open Beta

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dead alliance logoHere's your chance to get some hands-on experience playing Dead Alliance for free, a zombie MOBA shooter developed by Psyop Games and IllFonic. Publisher Maximum Games will roll out a free multiplayer Open Beta from July 27-31.

Free-to-play military FPS Black Squad to roll out Closed Beta on Steam in July

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Survarium MMOFPSA lot of you guys been waiting for this: free-to-play military FPS Black Squad will enter a first international Closed Beta Test on Steam. The CBT will start in July and Beta keys will be distributed in June.

MMOFPS Last Man Standing launches as free on PC - offers $10k in monthly cash prizes

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last man standing logoLast Man Standing is a Battle Royale-style MMOFPS and it launched for free on PC... Free MMOFPS - how cool is that. And it promises to deliver "adrenalin fueled, non-stop shoot out" gameplay, as you find yourselves in a massive dynamic warzone with up to 100 other players who have one goal in mind: get you first and be the Last Man Standing.

BlackShot introduces a new Free-4-All game mode with CS72: Fend for Yourself update

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blackshotsmallAlive and kicking: the free-to-play military shooter BlackShot introduces a new Free-4-All game mode coming with the latest update called 'CS72: Fend for Yourself'. Fans of BlackShot also check out some new features:

Open world shooter PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS gets a Closed Beta date

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playerunknowns battlegroundLast man standing... PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS the open world shooter will enter Closed Beta testing on February 24, 2017, with the aim "to offer the best Battle Royale experience". 

Steam version of Line of Sight is now free-to-play

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los logo2As promised earlier, military FPS Line of Sight converted to a completely free-to-play title by now. Developer Blackspot Entertainment announced the release of free-to-play version on Steam. The shooter was in Early Access mode on Steam.

Zula goes eSports, ESL adds the f2p shooter to its roster

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zula logoTurtle Entertainment adds the free-to-play FPS Zula to its roster. eSport tournaments will take the classic ESL format, like OPEN & Go4 and a Ladder 5v5, and have weekly & monthly format, with to-be-announced prizes. will be publisher for Warface in Europe and North America

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warfaceBeginning in February 2017 free-to-play shooter Warface will be published by gaming portal for North America and Europe. Developer Crytek decided to focus solely on development and leaves marketing and operations to the Russian games publisher.

Nexon to kick off first testing for Asia-only online version of Titanfall

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titanfall online logoNexon prepares the launch for the online version of Titanfall and slated December 15th for the first closed test sessions in Korea. Titanfall Online will be available for players in Asia only.

Line of Sight enters Open Beta today, launches as free-to-play

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los logo2Military FPS Line of Sight rushes into Open Beta. The shooter will be available as free-to-play game on Blackspot's partner channel Game&Game by today, but also on Steam where it still runs under the Early Access program, but might be converted to free-to-play in the next future.

Three teams are left standing in MechWarrior Online World Championships this Saturday

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Mech-PvP Shooter MechWarrior Online will soon crown new champions. Three teams are left standing and will compete for the World Champion title that comes with a $143k prize pot. Fans can attend the finals on Saturday 3, December, at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, Canada.

Special Force is back in Southeast Asia, Closed Beta Test kicks off today

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Asiasoft' servers are probably melting down by now. Special Force is back as the publisher kicked off the Closed Beta Test for gamers in Southeast Asia today. There might be tons of new content coming with future updates. Have you played it by now?

Military FPS Iron Sight launch date announced for Korea

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fear online logoAfter five years of development and three testing sessions, modern warfare FPS Iron Sight gets a launch date. Publisher Neowiz Games and developer Wiple Games are set to launch the shooter on November 29th in Korea.

Beta key distribution has started for Operation Janus, Combat Arms' major graphical update

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combatarmsWhat to do with a super old game, that still have an active community? Make it look better (or produce a sequel)! Nexon had decided to work on the overhaul of the original engine for Combat Arms. The new version is in Beta and Nexon started to distribute keys to grant some selected players to get some hands on experience on Operation Janus Beta.

Special Force coming back to the Philippines and the publisher is...

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Special Force is coming back to the Philippines. The free-to-play FPS went into hiatus in November 2013 and never resurfaced without a word to its huge fan community. Now it seems that the long-running shooter is set for a re-launch with another publisher in the Philippines.