Zombies Monsters Robots Closed Beta Key Giveaway

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fear online and En Masse Entertainment are pleased to present our readers with an invite to the Closed Beta Test for the brand new action shooter "Zombies Monsters Robots". Be one of the first in the world to KILL EVERY THING in this hardcore third-person shooter!

In ZMR, players will battle monstrous enemies and bosses across a wide range of co-op campaigns and wave-based survival missions as well as fight other players in fierce head to head shootouts. With an arsenal of customizable guns and gear, players need to make every shot count as they enter a war against infectious zombies, abominable monsters, and murderous robots that will stop at nothing to see the end of mankind. This is the world of ZMR.

And this is your chance to grab one key code that grants you access to the Closed Beta Test (CBT), and don't forget to give feedback to the developers!

How to claim your Closed Beta key code

Click on the button below and follow the instructions. Only registered members can claim a key code.

This event has ended. The game is now in Open Beta.

NOTE: Players based in Europe can claim a CBT key for Hazard Ops, which is the EU version of ZMR.

Zombies Monsters Robots - Closed Beta 2 Trailer