Hazard Ops Closed Beta Key Giveaway

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fear online has teamed up with Infernum Productions to give our readers a free key code that grants you access to the Closed Beta of Hazard Ops. Join the mercenary forces in this brutal Third Person Shooter. Claim your key code right now!

Be one of "the first few mercenaries who will be dispatched to face the challenges threatening this part of the world, such as cybernetic soldiers, hideous mutants, and rocket-launcher wielding dinosaurs. Cooperation will be the key for players, as the odds are not in their favor." 

Hazard Ops is Infernum Productions' latest addition to their game portfolio and an action-packed TPS which is heavily focused on cooperative gameplay, as players will face hordes of all sorts of enemies including zombies, robots, mutants, evil bosses and more deadly creatures. 

In addition to the hardcore PvE game modes, you will test your skills in up-to-16-player PvP matches or have fun in countless missions. 

This is your chance to grab one of few key codes that grants you access to the Closed Beta which has started a week ago. So don't miss out on this and grab your key code right now, and don't forget to give feedback to the developers!

How to claim your Closed Beta key code

Click on the button below and follow the instructions. Only registered members can claim a key code.

This event has ended.

NOTE: The third phase of the Closed Beta has begun. Get your new key code here!

Hazard Ops - Closed Beta Trailer