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quantum rush logoClosed Beta for the free-to-play, combat-loaded racer Quantum Rush has started. and GameArt Studio teamed up to give Closed Beta key codes to our readers. Keys are limited, so don't miss out on this and claim yours now! 

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Quantum Rush is a challenging, high-velocity racing game with shooting elements. The game will be free-to-play and offers multiplayer explosive combat, in which up to 20 opponents can compete against each other. Quantum Rush features racer customization and much more:

  • Pickups that boost your racer: Special items can be collected during a race, based on three categories: defensive, manipulative or offensive, such as rockets, mines, shields and more
  • Tech-tree style research: unlock new and improved parts for your racer with research points
  • Racer manufacturers and traits: Three different racer manufacturers have its distinctive strengths and weaknesses, such as shield and armor qualities
  • Racer customization: Customize your racer by changing color and skins
  • Energy and heat management: Take care of the energy and heat management of your racer
  • Track design and elements: As a future racer Quantum Rush provides tracks that include crazy elements as loopings, jumps, tubes and more

Players can also check further info at the official site

Quantum Rush - Pre-Alpha Trailer

How to claim your key code for the Closed Beta

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quantum rush cap1

quantum rush cap1

quantum rush cap1