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Soldier Front_2_Logo2The beta for free-to-play FPS Soldier Front 2 has begun! You do not need a key to access the closed beta at Aeria Games. Just head over the site and download the client for free. Get playing, but don't miss out on this giveaway: Together with Aeria Games we are very pleased to present you an awesome SF2 Elite Soldier Package! What are you waiting for? Claim your key code now!

soldier front_2_giveaway

Soldier Front 2 is a state-of-the-art MMOFPS published by Aeria Games and developed by Dragonfly. It is a sequel to the popular and long- running Soldier Front, delivering stunning graphics, tightly balanced team warfare and a wealth of variety in gameplay and customization options.

Soldier Front 2 delivers modern first-person shooter action in intense warzones ranging from labyrinthine urban locales to dusty desert battlefields. The gear, combat, and settings are designed to create an exceedingly realistic and fast-paced style of gameplay.

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Players can also sign up for recruitment to closed beta now at the official site

Soldier Front 2 - War Zone Trailer

Soldier Front 2 Elite Soldier Package Giveaway

We have teamed up with Aeria Games to give away a Soldier Front 2 Elite Soldier Package to our readers! I mean seriously, even the publisher in Korea for Special Force 2 had never given out such cool package as a giveaway. Keys are limited, we will distribute 800 keys over our tool and 200 keys later on via Facebook.
The Elite Soldier Package includes the following items:
  • SP and EXP doubler
  • Color Code Name Change
  • Hot 3 Pack
  • Icejam Pack
  • Hunter Pack
  • Delta Scout

How to claim your key code for a free Soldier Front 2 Closed Beta Item Pack!

Click below on the button and follow the instructions.
Only registered members can partipate!


UPDATE: 1,000 keys have been given away within 24 hrs. 

soldier front_2_cap_31

soldier front_2_cap_31

soldier front_2_cap_31

soldier front_2_cap_31

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