Renaissance Heroes Closed Beta Key Giveaway

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ren hero_logoBe the first and claim your Closed Beta Key for the brand new fantasy shooter Renaissance Heroes. A great chance to check out a unique medieval-themed fantasy shooter. We have received 1,000 keys from publisher ChangYou and are very pleased to present you this giveaway. 

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Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Don't miss out on this and claim your key that grants you access to the Closed Beta of the brand new free-to-play MOFPS (multiplayer online first person shooter) Renaissance Heroes. 

From the creative minds behind Huxley comes Renaissance Heroes, an all-new online multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) set in a beautifully re-imagined 16th century Renaissance Europe. The game is set to reinvigorate the classic FPS experience in 2012. Utilizing the advanced Unreal Engine 3 technology, Renaissance Heroes offers fast-paced combat and fan favorite multiplayer modes in unparalleled visual realism that will captivate both long time FPS fans and the new generation of gamers. 

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Leonardo da Vinci, famed inventor and artist, was at the forefront of a new scientific revolution of scholars and scientists. This revolution put them at odds with the Church, pushing da Vinci into action. In this struggle against the Church, da Vinci merged science with alchemy and created the Machine, a weapon of great power and science. Rumors of the device soon spread and attracted the wild imaginations of those who aspired for power, money and fame. This Machine, however, was also highly unstable, exploding and killing da Vinci in its first test. With the Machine destroyed and the blueprints scattered, the race to reassemble these plans and change the fate of the Renaissance has begun.


  • Become immersed in the beautifully re-imagined world of the 16th century Renaissance period powered by the advanced Unreal Engine 3 technology with characters, weaponry and locales all elegantly designed to reflect the regal atmosphere of the time period.
  • Prove your supremacy against others in competitive multiplayer environments of up to 12 players, including popular game modes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. The game features a comprehensive ranking system as well as over 100 achievements to unlock!
  • Fight side-by-side with or compete against a selection of eight playable heroes, each with their own unique visuals and abilities to suit different play styles.
  • Choose from an arsenal of over a dozen of Renaissance-inspired weaponry. Eliminate opponents from a distance with the crossbow or crush them at close range with a battle hammer.
  • Sharpen your skills by battling against enhanced A.I. and earn in-game currency and experience points along the way.

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