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Soldier Front 2
  Type Multiplayer Online FPS (MOFPS)
  Genre Military
  Developer Dragonfly GF
  Status TD
  Release 2013 (NA)
  Platform PC Client-based, f2p
  User Rating
Rating: 4.42/5 (778 Votes)
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Game Overview

Soldier Front 2, also known as Special Force 2 or S.K.I.L.L. Special Force 2, is based on the same concept of its predecessor, Soldier Front: the free-to-play MOFPS delivers pure, competitive and fast-paced FPS gameplay, but features stunning visuals, life-like animation and graphic effects and a high level of realism.

In Soldier Front 2 players can choose between six elite forces at the beginning: Delta, a special mission unit of the US Army, GAFE, a Mexican special force, SAS, the Special Air Service of the British Army, Spetsnaz, special forces in Russia, GIGN, a special operations unit of the French Armed Forces, and the UDT, elite forces of the Korean Naval Special Warfare. Later on various special characters are available.

Players challenge each other in classic PvP Death Match and Team Death Mach game modes with 8vs8 teams, or play in various objective-based PvP and PvE modes with an alien twist. The unique Hero mode throws players into a MOBA-style war between two teams, which continuously spawn alien troops that march against each other. The vicious aliens, known as Xanthids, form the backbone of the opposing armies, while players use their shooting skills to try and give their side the upper hand in the push toward the enemy base. The Xanthids appear in various other game modes as well.

Soldier Front 2 features more than 32 balanced maps, tailored specifically to the different modes. While a handful of maps are shared between some modes, every mode comes with a selection of maps that can only be chosen for that mode alone. This allows for map layouts, spawn points, and attack routes that maximize the strategic possibilities for every individual mode.
The MOFPS allows character customization through purchase of additional parts or items and features a large set of real-world weapons.

Key Features
  • Free-to-play MOFPS based on real-world elite forces, with more than 12 challenging game modes and more than 32 maps with locations all over the world
  • Built on the Unreal Engine 3 Soldier Front 2 delivers stunning visuals, effects, animations, sounds and a high level of realism
  • Classic PvP game modes with 8vs8 teams pitting against each other, a unique MOBA-style game mode, PvE survival modes
  • Character customization options
  • Sophisticated clan management system
  • Rank and achievement system
  • Weapon customization system
Min. System Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • CPU: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphic Card: Nvidia GeForce 6600
Special Force 2sf 2 cap05
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0 #2 jlouisecua 2015-10-24 14:32
Hey. Update the site, SF2 SEA and PH will have CBT this October 28.

+1 #1 DeniseL 2014-09-16 17:49
Soldier Front 2 is fun but what are they going to do about hacks? iwantcheats has a pretty nasty Soldier Front 2 hack that let's you kill through walls.

I ran into a hacker today and wanted some help getting this fixed.

Thoughts on who to contact?

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