Zombies Monsters Robots / Hazard Ops - TPS Game Overview

zmr hazardops splash01 Zombies Monsters Robots / Hazard Ops
  Type Multiplayer Online TPS (MOTPS)
  Genre Sci-fi
  Developer Yingpei Games
  Status OBT
  Release 2014
  Platform PC Client-based
  User Rating
Rating: 4.09/5 (120 Votes)
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Game Overview

Titled "Zombies Monsters Robots" for North America and "Hazard Ops" for Europe, the Third Person Shooter is developed by China-based Yingpei Games and inherits gameplay and features of the game Mercenary Ops, a previous project of Yingpei Games. Players need to fight off hordes of zombies, monsters, robots, mutants and expect extreme boss fights in co-op missions. The game is set in a chaotic 21st century, at times when two private military factions strive for power and limited resources. 

Zombies Monsters Robots / Hazard Ops features PvE co-op missions with badass boss fights, futuristic weapons and gear and frenetic shooting action. Players can also pit against each other in classic PvP modes and customize their own weapons and gear. 

Key Features
  • UE3.5 powered Sci-fi action shooting fun (TPS) with futuristic, customizable weapons and gear
  • PvE co-op missions with hordes of zombies, monsters, robots, mummies and mutants and extreme boss fights
  • Classic PvP modes on 8vs8 maps
Min. System Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
zmr cap21zmr cap22
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