Firefall - MMO Shooter Overview

Firefall MMOFPS Firefall
  Type MMO Shooter
  Genre Sci-fi
  Developer Red 5 Studios
  Status CS
  Release 2013
  Platform PC Client-based, f2p
  User Rating
Rating: 4.34/5 (180 Votes)
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Game Overview

Firefall is a free-to-play MMO shooter in which players immerse into a lush, dynamic futuristic open world combining intense competitive multiplayer with hundreds of other players and large-scale cooperative gameplay. Firefall combines shooting action in Third Person view and elements of an MMORPG.

200 years in the future, players are fighting to survive against all odds on a hostile planet ravaged by an aggressive energy storm and under attack by a mysterious humanoid race, known as the Chosen.

Players need to choose a Battleframe, a special high-tech mechanized armor with distinctive abilities and attributes. The Battleframe defines the distinctive class: Assault, Dreadnaught, Recon, Biotech and Engineer. Depending on the Battleframe, attributes such as jetpack capacity, weapon power and special abilites, etc. can be customized and upgraded. Battleframes allow players to specialize in their favorite style of play, while giving them the flexibility to swap and trade their way to new configurations on-the-fly.

In Firefall players need to gather and collect Crystite and Crystite-hybrids, 16 different resources that power the technology in Firefall’s world and are required to progress. Crystites can be received by finshing PvP matches, dynamic events, or through fighting the Chosen or mining. Collected resources must be refined and can be used in recipes to produce components or upgrades for the Battleframe. Collecting resources and crafting is an important part in Firefall, required to level up weapons and gear.

Firefall features a PvP combat system and a robust open world experience designed to immerse players in a deep storyline with PvE missions.

Key Features
  • Cel-shaded sci-fi MMOTPS with MMORPG elements: open world, resources collecting and crafting
  • Battleframes define 5 classes: Assault, Dreadnaught, Recon, Biotech and Engineer
  • PvP combat arenas and mission-based PvE
Min. System Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • CPU: Dual Core 2.2 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphic Card: Nvidia GeForce 8600
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