Phantomers dead allready

2 years 4 months ago #107 by slakkie
I just installed Phantomers and played 2 maps for the first time. Total waste of time, it's allready infested with cheaters. Speedhacks, Aimbotters, X-Ray vision etc... Every cheat you can think of it;'s there. DO NOT WASTE MONEY on this game. Let it bleed to death. Pathetic how easy the cheaters have control of a newly released game, makes one think the producers are activly involved to create hacks. Anyhow, the game itself is pretty much worthless. No actual real strategics are possble since the maps are soooo small and the game doesn't offer anything unique. The good old Wolfenstein is way better then this. Truly a big turkish failure. But then again what could we expect from them at all.
So, PHANTOMERS is a huge failure. Going back to Battlefield 2 where at least the cheaters can be avoided if you are experienced ....

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