Important news regarding commercial service of Combat Arms

11 months 1 week ago #1567 by BinJon

I have played Combat Arms for a few years. It has been dwindling in players, and does not look like it is very well received on this site, hehe.

In June, Combat Arms had done a large update titled, "Reloaded". This changed the games payment model, graphics, and gameplay of Combat Arms. This had received mixed support from many players in-game and forum users.

In September, Nexon had announced they will be transferring service of Combat Arms to a new publisher known as Valofe Global Ltd.; a publisher with games and offices all over the world. In that same month, they had announced players can migrate their *character*, not account, to a Valofe Global account and continue playing after the transferal of their services. Players can still play Combat Arms until a date in November that has yet to be disclosed. After the transfer to Valofe, players who have not migrated their character have until March 31, 2018.

I have made this topic so those at FPSReport can make an article to warn players of the changes, and to also update the Combat Arms page when necessary. This will save headaches of anyone who will plan on playing Combat Arms in the future.

Anyone who has a Nexon account and plays Combat Arms should be prepared to migrate their character after November.

Thank you.


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11 months 1 week ago #1568 by BinJon
I also forgot to add one more topic.

It is with a heavy heart Combat Arms had ceased service in Republic of Korea on January 2017.

Feel free to include in your report.

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