Game ideas (just a sugestion)

2 months 4 weeks ago #1752 by tompitt

Ok, i'll go right to the main idea, i was thinking about cross code being a free-to-play actual mmorpg, like PoE, it's just perfect for it, the circuit's tree only need's a bit more (ik it's small because it's in early access), it can even be paid even though i think it wouldn't be very popular, the storyline is good they could keep it but at least allow the player to choose the class, this idea has some problems tho, the zones could get a bit over populated (fixed by creating chanels, or the option of not seeing any players) ik you are kinda in an mmorpg in the story already, they could create another game as an actual mmorpg instead of the main one and add character costumization, etc.

Please help.

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