FPS/TPS Games that use cartoon style rendering

2 months 3 weeks ago #1766 by jackneeson

I've seen computer games that use basically the same kind of 3D engine that you would see on a The Elders Scrolls game, Assassin's Creed game or Call of Duty. But the rendering style of those games is different so that the graphics basically look like an Anime style cartoon with the exception of the facial composition of the characters which look more normal or "realistic" if you will, i.e. they don't have those disproportionately enlarged eyes for example. So my question is, what are those games, are there any good titles of this particular genre? I failed to capture the name of the game that I saw, all I know is that "Two Feathers Studios" made the score for that game and they bragged about how the music changed with the game play.

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