List of Browser Based Shooters (FPS and TPS)



List of browser-based shooters, both FPS and TPS. The games listed here meet a certain level of quality and offer an in-game store. They are fully playable in the browser and free-to-play.

Update's ongoing... obviously... :) 

renegade x splash01

BeGone - Gameplay


Rating: 3.44/5 (27 Votes)

Developer: NPlay
Type: FPS
Engine: Unity 3D, Photon

3D browser-based FPS BeGone takes advantage of Unity 3D engine and Exit Games' Photon multiplayer network engine. Released in 2010, the Counter-Strike-like, f2p shooter still boasts a loyal community who enjoys fast-paced gameplay, classic FPS game modes, real-life weapons and well balanced maps.

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Contract Wars - Official Gameplay

Contract Wars

Rating: 3.67/5 (36 Votes)

Developer: AbsolutSoft
Type: FPS
Engine: Unity 3D

Contract Wars is a military browser-based FPS, developed by Russian studio AbsolutSoft and available on both Facebook and Kongregate. With more than 22 maps and 4 game modes, a huge variety of weapons and skills the game offers a challenging playground also for hardcore gamers. 

Cyclop Splash - Browser FPS

Contract Wars - Official Gameplay


Rating: 3.49/5 (41 Votes)

Developer: Freeger Games
Type: FPS
Engine: Unity 3D / WebGL

Cyclop is a free-to-play browser-based FPS, developed initially with Unity 3D engine and an upcoming project to be released by its Russia-based developed Freeger Games.
The first footage looks great, so we are looking forward to an release in 1H 2015.

Global Strike FPS

Global Strike - Official Trailer

Global Strike

Rating: 3.08/5 (13 Votes)

Developer: n/a
Type: FPS
Engine: n/a

Global Strike is published by China-based NGames and its monetization resembles to many other Chinese browser-based games (top up). The military FPS features game modes that are found in client-based shooters, such as Bomb Defusal and Mutation modes. 

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Rush Team - Review

Rush Team

Rating: 3.73/5 (15 Votes)

Developer: Rako
Type: FPS
Engine: Unity 3D, Photon Network

Rush Team is a browser-based military FPS, developed by a one-man army: Rako did an amazing job to create a very playable shooter, building a large and loyal fan community. The shooter delivers many features known in high budget FPS, such as customizable weapons, common PvP game modes, such as Team Deathmatch and Free for All playable in 11 maps, a ranking system and an in-game store that offers items that are only of cosmetic nature.

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UberStrike - Official Trailer


Rating: 2.94/5 (16 Votes)

Developer: Cmune
Type: FPS
Engine: Unity 3D

Launched in 2010, UberStrike claims to be the world's first free-to-play browser-based FPS, built with the Unity 3D engine and boasts over more than 25 mio. registrations. As of today, the game might be technically not up-to-date, but still delivers a lot of fun and fast-paced, action-packed gameplay in 16vs16 PvP matches, a plethora of weapons, items and customization options. UberStrike is also available on Mac and mobile platforms.