Free Browser Based 3D FPS and TPS Games List

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Our compilation of free-to-play browser based 3D FPS games.

There aren't too many high quality online multiplayer FPS games out there which you can fully play in a browser. It requires quite an effort, technical knowledge and cash to run a browser based shooter with multiplayer functionality. This and the lack of a succesful monetization business model might be probably the reasons why there aren't more browser FPS games in the market and why even major publishers had terminated the services of new productions even recently: Bigpoint shut down 'Ruined Online' and Gameloft closed doors of the sci-fi multiplayer shooter 'N.O.V.A. Elite' which had been launched on Facebook a couple of months ago.

Some promissing projects never made it beyond a live demo, more or less presentations of the Unity3D engine on which many browser games are built with.

Except Quake Live most browser based FPS do not meet the requirements in terms of gameplay, technical aspects, graphics and features to attract a hardcore gamer, they are rather concepted as casual game.

With regards to technical aspects and game features a browser game can't be compared to a PC client based MMO, however there are some interesting projects in the pipeline and market developments that could draw our attention in the near future: Former Call of Duty and Activision veterans have founded a startup, U4iA Games and are working on an 'online-only hardcore free-to-play game that it calls a 'first-person social game', Zero Point Software are 'making an AAA first-person shooter without the involvement of big corporate publishers' Interstellar Marines and 'Hitman' veterans claim to 'redefine the shooter genre again' with the high quality browser strategy / FPS game 'Heroes & Generals'.

There might be more updates, so stay tuned. And find below a selection of existing browser based FPS games, all free to play and fully playable in your browser, a bit of a mix of playable demos, mature products and upcoming high quality games.

Visit the page 'Official Sites' to check them out directly.

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Apocalypse City

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Apocalypse City takes place in a future post-war scenario. War continues to rage among men and machines.

Game Features:
*Free to Play! Browser Based 3D Multiplayer First/Third Person Shooter
*In-Game Cash, Power ups, Boost Items Store, Chat and High-Score Record System
*Arsenal of 14 Weapons, 9 Playable Characters, and 27 Player Skins
*Multi-Game Modes (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and more)

The game requires Adobe Shockwave and can be played here.

Legions: Overdrive

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Legions: Overdrive is NOT a browser-based shooter. However we felt to put it in this category, as it initially was credited as one of the first online browser based 3D FPS game, resembling to the Tribes games. Legions: Overdrive is based on the Torque engine and a download of the game client is required. The fast-paced FPS highlights include PvP battles, capture-the-flag modes and jetpacks.
Legions: Overdrive is run by a team of volunteers and got servers in the USA and the EU.

Quake Live

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QUAKE LIVE is a fast paced tactical first person shooter. The objective in QUAKE LIVE is to frag enemy players and score points by completing gametype specific objectives, while maneuvering within a combat arena gathering items to maintain ones health, armor and ammo to stay alive.
QUAKE LIVE has got over 40 arenas and 5 game modes. It is free to play shooter fully playable in a browser and based on id Software's engine.


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Phosphor is a first-person shooter created with Adobe Director. The Shockwave Player allows the game to run within a web browser on Windows and Mac OS computers. Developer Rasterwerks has released a second Beta version. Current development is focused on improving multiplayer gameplay and game physics using Ageia's PhysX engine. For the moment you can fight against some nasty bot players.


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BeGone from NPlay is based on the Unity3D engine and the multiplayer platform photon from Exit Games and an impressive multiplayer 3D shooter, coming with 4 vs 4 team-based maps. Some even compared it to Counter-Strike. Once the Unity plugin has been installed you can jump instantly into action.


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OrangeFPS is a free and fast paced, multi and single player shooter in the browser. It is also available via the Chrome Web Store, but it seems that this project has been discontinued. At least you can enter single player modes and find out how to frag those bot players, as the client is still live (but no servers).

Sanctioned Renegades

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Another multiplayer shooter featuring destructible 3D levels, semi-realistic weapons and based on Unity3D. Available since 2008 and still available on some websites. 

Interstellar Marines

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Interstellar Marines is made with help from the community that directly supports ongoing development. By pre-ordering the game and unlocking special accounts, users are granted early access to a series of smaller prototype games released online as the development moves forward. 3 games have been made available so far: An interactive 3D tour called The Vault featuring several of Interstellar Marines’ characters; the advanced shooting range Bullseye where players test their skills against various targets aboard the military space shuttle AIV Kitty Hawk; and finally Running Man, a true first-person action experience where players face an onslaught of combat robots while training to become an elite marine.
Interstellar Marines is also based on the Unity3D engine and single player only.



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Cmune is the producer of UberStrike, a browser-based massively multiplayer online first person shooter (MMOFPS) game available across Facebook, MySpace, Apple Dashboard Widgets, in addition to Cmune’s own portal. UberStrike runs directly in the browser, using micro-transactions and leveraging the distribution and viral aspects of social networks. Like an MMO UberStrike offers a cashshop where you can purchase better weapons, gear and items.

Red Crucible

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An ambitious project, still in development, comes from Rocketeer Games Studio: Red Crucible is a new 3D online multiplayer game featuring both infantry and vehicle arena style combat within fully rendered 3D settings. Red Crucible is designed to appeal to both casual and hard core gamers, developed on the Unity3D engine and available on Facebook.

Heroes And Generals

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From the creative minds that brought you the Hitman series comes Heroes And Generals, the first title from independent studio Reto-Moto. Heroes And Generals – now in Alpha testing – introduces an unprecedented mix of frontline shooter gameplay and strategic campaign management in a massive-scale multiplayer online war. Heroes And Generals delivers a full blown first-person shooter experience, complete with intense infantry and vehicle combat in a wide variety of modes and missions, fought on behalf of the Axis or Allies. As your customizable character advances in rank, you might join a small squad of elite soldiers operating behind enemy lines, or fall-in with a larger section fighting an epic battle for a strategic bridgehead. Heroes And Generals is a PC game that’s fully playable in a browser, yet it offers state-of-the-art graphics and sound thanks to the proprietary Retox engine built by Reto-Moto.

Brave Arms

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Brave Arms from 3G Studios is a first "social shooter" and available exclusively on Facebook.